Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Grand Introduction

What is all this about then, I hear you ask. Well first let me take this opportunity to thank you for stumbling onto my blog. Now in order to answer that question I think I need to start at the... well, start.

It was obvious that the end of my twenties would come eventually, but as the end crept ever closer I started pondering all the things I haven't done yet. Even taking the opportunity to whinge about them to whoever would listen on several occasions. Now don't get me wrong, I haven't exactly wasted my life. I have tried my luck as a nightclub bouncer, worked at a market stall, dined in some of the best restaurants Australia has to offer, flew in a stunt plane as the pilot did his best to fill the cockpit with my lunch, hated a few, and loved even more. Yeah, I have done a lot in my short time here on earth. However, there are still a lot of things I would like to do before I wave a teary goodbye to such an amazing period in my life.

Now that you know the background I can finally get around to answering your question. After patiently sitting through more than one of my whinge sessions, my wonderful parter thought enough was enough and she gave me an unusual but amazingly thoughtful 29th birthday present. What is this amazingly thoughtful present I speak of? Thirty tasks completely paid for to do before I'm 30, but there is a catch. I have no decision or choice in the tasks I am to perform and I must perform each task to the letter no matter how uncomfortable or humiliating they may be. I will receive each task at a random time and all tasks must be done before I reach 30.

Right here in this blog I will document ever last little embarrassing, uncomfortable, and exciting moment for any readers who might stumble across my blog to read and hopefully have a good laugh at.

Sound interesting? To me it sounds downright terrifying.